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Chakra- 6mm Rounds

Mixed Assortment Natural Stones, IHD: 0.8-1.1mm

Unit: strand
$18.00 USD

These long strands of natural stones have been selected to represent the colors of the Chakras. Each strand includes stones to represent all 7 Chakras plus unifying crystal: Amethyst, Lapis, Blue Apatite, Green Aventurine, Citrine, Carnelian, Red Garnet, and Crystal Quartz. 

Project Ideas: Perfect for a Mala, but be sure you get two strands--these strands contain approximately 64 beads!

Sizing Info: The beads themselves are 6mm round, and the holes vary from 0.8-1.1mm in diameter. 

Sold by the 16” strand of approximately 64-68 beads.