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Cactus Garden- Limited Edition Aged Czech Picasso Mix

Limited Edition 8/0 and 6/0 Aged Czech Picasso Mix

Unit: kit
$6.75 USD

Gorgeous hand-curated mixes? Oh yes! Kate picked through mountains of beads in Tucson and hand-curated four gorgeous blends of Aged Czech glass inspired by the desert flora in Tucson. This mix, Cactus Garden, is a collection of lush greens.

As with all our made-in-house mixes, we have a limited amount, and once they are gone, they’re truly gone!

Remember, adding to your cart and not checking out does not mean that mix is reserved for you! Someone could easily buy it out from under you. Only when your order is complete is that mix guaranteed to be yours.

Sold by the 12g tube. Sold Individually.