Black + White Vega Luster

Black + White Vega Luster

2.5 x 5mm 2- Hole Czech Glass Superduo Duets
Unit: tube

This bead is such a dreamy combo of deep burgundy and rosy lavender that it’s hard to imagine they just met when this bead was plated one side black, one side white and then coated with a Vega Luster. Black + White Vega Luster is the essence of the new Superduo Duets made in the Czech Republic. Have fun adapting them into a Superduo project, including Janice’s Smoke Signals. For laddering and weaving we recommend KO or Hana Thread. Hole sizes will also fit 2 passes of Tuff Cord #1.

Sold in tubes of approximately 24 grams (320 beads)



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