Black + White Blue Luster

Black + White Blue Luster

2.5 x 5mm 2- Hole Czech Glass Superduo Duets
Unit: tube

This bead is the essence of the new Superduo Duets….half is a rich, black and the other results in a blue that is out of this world. With a glistening, shiny luster, this new Superduo from The Beadsmith is going to get you stringing immediately. It is the essence of the new “Duo Duets” made in the Czech Republic. Depending on how you stitch them, your project looks like two separate designs when you rotate the view. Have fun adapting this new bead into any design that uses Superduos, including Lauren Hartman’s Southwest inspired Beader Showcase. For laddering and weaving we recommend KO or Hana Thread. Hole sizes will fit 2 passes of Tuff Cord #1.

Sold in tubes of approximately 24 grams (320 beads)



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