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Bigger Potato 9-11mm

9-10mm Side-drilled Freshwater Pearls IHD: .5mm

Unit: Strand
$19.25 USD

We can’t resist a truly delicious freshwater pearl…old, freshwater pearls are getting so hard to source. Today’s pearls just don’t have that glow, the lovely nacré we covet in pearls. These came deep from within an old warehouse of vintage treasures, so know they are at least 25 years old. Most pearls will fit on 24 gauge wire and two passes of Micro C-Lon with a Flexible Eye Needle for pearl knotting. If you are using Griffin Silk on a card (with a needle), a Size 4 is a good choice. Originally imported from China. These are a bargain!

Sold on 16 inch strand of 49-51 beads.