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7-9mm Big Potato Pearls

7-9mm Side-drilled Freshwater Pearls IHD: .5mm

Unit: Strand
$18.95 USD

Deliciously glowing with a lovely nacré of natural pearl, these “baroque-finish” freshwater pearls are a visual feast; their coating goes from very smooth to pebbly, which we think adds lots of visual interest. Expect variation in size and shape. Most beads will fit on 24 gauge wire, but you may find a few that need 26 gauge. Hole size is small and will fit two passes of Micro C-Lon or Tuff Cord #1 with a Flexible Eye Needle. Both threads will make a nice knot, if you’re pearl knotting. This is the pearl Janice used with her guests at her Spring 2018 Bead Get Together. If you are using Griffin Silk on a card (with a needle), a Size 4 is a good choice. These are a bargain!

Sold on 16 inch strand of 61-63 beads.