Big Hook - Sterling Silver

Big Hook - Sterling Silver

Sterling Hook Clasp Measures 35mm x 10mm When Hooked
Unit: each

This clasp is a classic and it needs nothing more to improve upon it. Both in design and function, it works beautifully for both single and multiple strands. We have always loved this clasp and can not count how many we have sold over the years. If you look closely, the hook is one piece of round, sterling wire which has been seamlessly hammered smooth and flat at the top of the hook. And the eye of the clasp, also tapers out to a flat ribbon where it meets up with the hook. Because of the careful antiquing of the sterling silver, the beauty of the wrapped wire looks even more special. This is one clasp to last a lifetime and it is super-popular in our Tahoe Bracelet Project. Made in India.

Sold in set of hook and eye.



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