Biashara- Blue

Biashara- Blue

African Trade Bead Assortment
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From little Chevron glass slices to long tubes of blue glass and even antique Ostrich shell beads, these mixes of old trade beads are stunning. In Swahili, the word for “trade” is “biashara” and hundreds of years ago, these beads (or beads like them) were used to buy and sell goods in Africa...they were the money used in commerce and the colors and designs indicated monetary value. Today they are treasures of beauty. We were able to source a limited supply of Biashara and offer them in little muslin bags of 16 grams each. We’ve done our best to give you a variety in each muslin bag of what’s pictured. Use them in Stretch Therapy, Across Cultures or Tricks of the Trade, an original beadshop classic. Add a strand of Padres to extend their beauty. And as they say in Swahili, we hope they make you “furaha”....happy!

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