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Bead Heaven Bead Mix

Assorted mix of beads by color

Unit: box
$45.00 USD

Back in the day when was a brick and mortar store we had a bin called “Bead Heaven.” It was where all the ones and twos, short strands, odd bits of chain, single leftover buttons…all the good-but-no-home pieces went in there when they no longer had a place on the sales floor.

Those special beads where destined for greatness, however. When the bin was full, Kate would take the beads and sort them by color and make mixed boxes with them. They would return to the sales floor and find new purpose as part of a one-of-a-kind bead mix.

Well, we may no longer be a brick and mortar store, but we still have assorted beads and components that need homes. Kate has recreated her special “Bead Heaven” boxes in this limited edition run. Each box was lovingly curated by Kate and is chock-full of special beads and components tucked inside waiting to come to life in your creations. 

No two boxes are alike. Each sectioned box measures 6½ x 5” and is full of assorted treasures sorted by color. Make your color choice from the dropdown menu before adding product to cart. This is an extremely limited edition, once they’re gone, they’re gone. All sales final.