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Amber Mystery, A Curated Collection

Limited Edition Collection of Swarovski Crystal, Czech Glass, and Miyuki Seed Beads

Unit: kit
$38.00 USD

When Kate came across these Crystal Copper Swarovski Crystals she knew she wanted to use them as ends in a luxe lariat necklace. The amber tones reminded her of the famed missing Amber Room from the Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg. A chamber full of amber panelling, gold leaf, and mirrors, this royal room was once called the Eighth Wonder of the World...glamourous, sophisticated and...missing! Having been looted during WWII, the room’s contents are long gone and have yet to be found. A recreation was made in the 1970s, painstakingly reconstructed so the beautiful mosaics and carvings could be enjoyed once again.

With this room in mind, Kate looked for copper, amber, and gold tones to complement the crystal pendants. Not only did Kate find exactly what she was looking for in the Czech Glass world with a strand each of 6mm Melons, 5mm Rondelles, and 3mm Fire Polish Rounds, she also got right to work on making a mini seed bead mix! Kate’s famous mixes are unmatched, and this mini mix is no exception. You can find the recipe for the mini mix here.

As with all our Curated Collections, the items in this are exclusive and very limited and will not be sold separately. We have a limited amount of these mixes, and once they are gone, they’re truly gone!

Each Amber Mystery Collection includes two 23mm Crystal Copper Swarovski 6190 pendants (these gorgeous crystals are no longer being made!), 3 strands of Czech Glass, and a mini tube of Kate’s 8/0 seed bead mix.

Kate’s going to be using this mix TODAY on Free Tip Friday. Tune in!! And see the project map in the Lariat Projects.

Find inspiration for these striking components on Kate’s FTF episode on 11.20.20, and be sure to see our past Curated Collection projects here.

Sold Individually.