Alabaster O Beads

Alabaster O Beads

3.8 x 1mm Glass Disc IHD: 1.2mm
Unit: tube

Imported from the Czech Republic, these little O’s in Alabaster are really wonderful. The beadmaker starts with a greyish glass base and then under very high temperature, vacuum seals a powdery coating to give it a pastel effect. The results are beads with lots of curb appeal. They are so perfect for Textured Bead Fringe, or try using them in Peyote stitch. You can string them on .5mm leather (just angle cut the leather) to form a cool rope or add them in lots and lots of beadweaving stitches. The possibilities are endless! Expect slight variations in coating.

Sold in tube or bag of 8-10 grams/approximately 250-260 beads.

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