Aged Wampum Beads Green Turquoise Picasso

Aged Wampum Beads Green Turquoise Picasso

8mm x 3mm
Unit: Tube

This may just be the perfect bead. It’s a study in contrasts: new, but looks vintage; petite, but long enough to string up quickly; rustic with a modern vibe. Glass, with a large(ish) hole that slides onto a single strand of our Irish Waxed Linen or Regular C-lon like a dream. This green turquoise picasso-finish bead is semi-matte and smooth to the touch. Made in Czech Republic.

Sold in tubes of approximately 10 grams / about 88 beads. Aprox 3.5 beads to the inch. We have been informed that this bead was a "one-off" and will no longer be available. We are so sad, but that's the way of the bead world sometimes...


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