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Aged Green Forest- 32/0

6-7.5mm Crow Beads IHD: Varies

Unit: pkg
$6.25 USD

This collection of Aged Picasso is a treat. Originally manufactured for purchase by Indigenous Americans for use in their beadwork, these beads were often decoratively braided into pony hair and on the leather fringe of clothing.
Ranging in millimeter size from 6-7.7, these beads also boast large hole sizes from 2.0-2.6mm, allowing for multiple strands of cord to pass through.

Aged Forest is such an appealing collection of colors from transparent kelly to matte, deep charcoal. Try them in a project like Trail’s End. We think they would add so much texture to any design that asks for Rollers or Pony or Pony Express. Just remember, bead sizes vary.

Made in the Czech Republic in small home “factories,” these unique glass beads are challenging to reorder…we purchase what we can get and we suggest you order when we have it in stock--don’t wait! 

Sold in packages of 10 grams/ approximately 26 beads.