Aged Czech Picasso- 10/0

Aged Czech Picasso- 10/0

10/0 Aged Czech Glass Beads IHD: Varies
Unit: tube

From beautiful turquoise and sage green to earthy brown, mustard and lightly-dusted tan, this assorted mix of Size 10/0 Czech seed beads with a matte Picasso finish is really a collector's dream. The colorway will vary based on the process of "aging" the striped and solid colored seed beads at the factory. We're never 100% sure what we'll get, so be sure to buy enough if you need the same every time.

Sold in tubes of 10 grams, there are approximately 900 beads per tube, which will measure out to about 46 inches. 

Please Note: In earlier shipments, we had a combination of several sizes and we called it Mixed Bag.


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