Aged Czech Picasso-6/0

Aged Czech Picasso-6/0

6/0 Matte Aged Picasso Glass Seed Beads
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Earthy, fun and ecclectic are the best words to describe this color mix of 6/0-8/0 seed beads. They are quite unusual and made in the Czech Republic. Special care has been given to the frosted, Picasso-finish that has been applied after bead production is complete. See how Janice used this very special bead in Taos, a 7-Wrap Tahoe and combined it with Aged Picasso Wampum.  Expect variations in size from 6/0 to almost 8/0. The bead holes also can really vary on this bead from small to medium...many will fit on .5mm leather, but some won't. That's just how this bead rolls!

Sold in a package of approximately 10 grams/ 150 beads. 

$6.25 USD

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