Aged Countryside 8/0-6/0

Aged Countryside 8/0-6/0

4mm Czech Glass Seed & Tube Beads IHD: Varies
Unit: pkg

“Charming” is a great way to describe this sweet assortment of Aged Czech Picasso beads in earthtones. Ranging in size from 8/0 to 6/0, these little seeds and barrels have lots of curb appeal. Colors vary from olive and brown to grey, and you may get lucky and get a few with stripes! As holes vary, we guesstimate they will fit anything up to .65 in diameter. For sure they will fit .5mm leather and .5 Chinese Knotting Cord.

Sold in package of 10 grams/ approximately 100 beads.

$6.25 USD

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