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Aged Chocolate Travertine- 8/0

2.9mm Aged Czech Glass IHD: approx. 0.8mm

Unit: pkg
$4.25 USD

As soon as we see the name “travertine” we know it’s going to be a favorite! To have a travertine bead with a classic stripe in is just that much more coveted. If you look closely, the core of the bead is tangerine with layering of stripes and color to give a lovely look of buttery, warm chocolate. Unfortunately, Czech striped seed beads are on their way to extinction; it’s getting harder to find striped glass seed beads and even rarer to find anyone to coat them. So, while they are available, we recommend snatching them up. This unusual one has a hole large enough to easily fit Fine Weight C-Lon so why not make your own Swiss Chard (by Alley Mori)? Stunning! If you’re wire wrapping, the beads will also fit on 22 gauge wire.

Please note: These beads are made in small batches and therefore can vary. We suggest buying all you need at once for one particular project, as they may be darker, lighter, or have more or less finish on them from batch to batch.

Sold in package of 10 grams. Approximately 375-390 beads per bag.