Aged Chateau Striped Picasso- 4/0

Aged Chateau Striped Picasso- 4/0

4.8-5.2mm Aged Czech Glass IHD: Approx. 1-1.5mm
Unit: pkg

What a fun bead assortment of transparents, opaques, frosted, and coated. Some with a gray Picasso finish, others in clear amber, and still others frosted purple. All in a fun 4/0 mix we’re calling “Aged Chateau.” Our only disappointment is that no sooner do we have them in stock than they’re gone for good and there’s not a thing we can do about it. Made in the Czech Republic, special care has been given creating a permanent Picasso finish that has been applied after bead production. Most beads will fit on 18 gauge wire, but holes are inconsistent. See how Janice used similar beads in Taos, a 7-Wrap Tahoe. Expect variations in size from 4/0 to almost 6/0. Most beads will fit on 1.0mm leather.

Sold in a bag of approximately 10 grams/85 beads.



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