Aged Brick AB Glow- 8/0

Aged Brick AB Glow- 8/0

3.0mm Aged Czech Picasso Glass IHD: 0.9mm
Unit: pkg

This brick red striped 8/0 bead with an AB coating is just amazing. Everything about it is perfection. Unfortunately, Czech striped seed beads are on their way to extinction; it’s getting harder to find striped glass seed beads and even rarer to find anyone to coat them. So, while they are available, we recommend snatching them up. This unusual one has a hole large enough to fit most 4 ply waxed linen so why not make an Odyssey in Brick Red Stunning! If you’re wire wrapping, the beads will also fit through 20 gauge wireSee how great it looks in our Sweet Pea Monthly Mix.

Sold in package of 10 grams. Approximately 375-400 beads per bag.

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