African Opal Rondelle- 5mm

African Opal Rondelle- 5mm

5 x 3.5mm Natural African Opal Beads with IHD: .71mm
Unit: Strand

This lovely strand of African Opal beads (also known as Impression Jasper) seems to rain color...from opal green to natural wheat and nubby brown; this strand has you covered. Each bead pops out with its own unique color story. Because of the stone’s variegated colors and patterns, it is a wonderful choice for a ladder bracelet; We think Smoke Green KO and 1.0mm Leather in Distressed Light Brown (or any of the earth tones!) would be our choice to highlight the natural beauty of these beads. Hole size will accommodate up 22mm gauge wire. Made from natural stones. Expect variations in color and shape; some beads are more round, some more rondelle. Made in China.

Sold on 16” strands. Temporarily strung. Approximately 160 beads.



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