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8mm English Cuts- Ivory Mercury

7.6 x 6.5mm Glass Beads, IHD: 1mm

Unit: strand
$3.85 USD

What a lovely creamy ivory dusted in a silvery finish, the results are pitch perfect! Ideal for bridal jewelry or when you want a classic neutral to mix with pearls. While the name of this silvey coating is called “mercury,” it does not actually contain any mercury. Made in the Czech Republic, they are a great addition to our glass bead collection and we think they are just the bead to use in your next Gatsby, don’t you? Made in the Czech Republic, bead holes will fit up to 18 Gauge Wire.

Sold by the strand of 20 beads/ 4 beads to an inch.

Note: Coatings will vary in color and consistency by as much as 20% from one shipment to the next. We also do not recommend exposure to fragrance, lotions or excessive moisture.