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8mm Bronze Large Hole Potato Pearl

7-8mm Dyed Freshwater Pearl IHD: 1.7mm

Unit: each
$1.50 USD

In a metallic bronze that is simply a showstopper, Kate discovered a large hole pearl that is truly gorgeous. This is the classic size freshwater pearl so many designers covet and want to pair with leather.

See how Large Holed beads can work in projects like those in Leather and Beads, as well as Tahoe and Across Cultures.

Holes are big enough to fit most cords and leathers under 2mm, including several of our 2mm round cords. 

Please note, sourcing a steady supply of these beauties wasn’t easy, but leave it to Kate to find a supplier who specializes in them. All we can do is promise to try to try to keep them in stock! Pearls are not manufactured in a factory, so they are here one day and gone the next!

Expect imperfections and variations in size, color and texture as they are natural, freshwater pearls. 

Imported from China.

Also: After the drilling process, a white powder residue may remain inside the pearl holes. We recommend rinsing the pearls with water before use. Dip your pearls in a bowl of lukewarm water and pat pearls dry immediately with a soft cloth. You may have to repeat these steps several times.

Sold Individually.