6mm- Sueded Gold Jonquil

6mm- Sueded Gold Jonquil

Czech Fire Polish Glass Beads
Unit: strand

Don’t you just love that name? This color looks vintage but still feel so right for today. By tumbling the glass in manufacturing, the frosted finish becomes the color story. Pair it with a delicate chain in antique bronze like Baby Steps and you can create an extraordinary beaded rope that you can wear as a long and short necklace or wrap bracelet. Just use 20 Gauge Vintage Bronze Wire and follow the Skill Builder: How to Make Rosary Loops. Hole size is generous and will fit two passes of Regular C-Lon. When you’re shopping for a thread match, we recommend Cream in Fine Weight C-Lon or Regular C-Lon.

Sold on 6 inch strands of 25 beads.

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