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5mm Ribbon Ends- Antique Silver

11.3 x 6.1mm Connector .999 Fine Silver Plated Brass IHD: 3.1mm

Unit: pkg
$1.50 USD

Sometimes finding a simple solution to a problem can seem too simple! Well, the 5mm Ribbon End in antique silver by Nunn Design comes to the rescue when we want to close off 5mm Deerskin Lace securely and easily.* Made by Nunn Design in US.

Sold in package of 2 pieces (1 pair).

*Using chain nose pliers, fold the two flaps in slightly. Lay your deerskin lace in the channel. Hold the loop with another pair of pliers, while you gently but firmly fold down one flap onto the leather. Repeat the fold down with the other flap. Check the leather is secure. With flush cutters, cut any excess leather sticking out above the folded flaps.