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5mm Blue Iris Potato Pearls

5mm Irradiated Freshwater Pearls IHD: .5mm

Unit: Strand
$14.95 USD

From saturated dark blue to electric navy, this limited-availability pearl is just gorgeous. We will never find these again! Found deep in a warehouse of old beads, this group of blue-grey freshwater pearls is definitely old. When they were originally harvested 20+ years ago, the color was created by irradiating the freshwater pearls to create a delicious coating; it magically changes colors in the light. Note: Irradiation is harmless to humans. Just the right size for a Poetry Macramé Project. Holes sizes are consistent but small and will fit 2 passes of Micro C-Lon using a Flexible Eye Needle. If you are using Griffin Silk on a card (with a needle), a Size 4 is a good choice. Expect variations in pearl sizes, dimpling and shading. Even on the same strand, not all pearls are consistent.

Sold by the strand. Expect variations in bead sizes, dimpling and shades of blue iris even on the same strand and not all pearls are perfect.