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4mm- Iris Blue

Czech Fire Polish Glass Beads

Unit: strand
$2.95 USD

Long before there were hundreds of coatings for glass beads, there were three: Iris, AB and Scarabe. That was it. And today this bead is exactly the same, wonderful purply-blue it was a century ago. There’s so much to love about this bead; the manufacturer took deep blue glass and coated it with a purple iris finish. The effect is wonderful! Made in the Czech Republic, these faceted beads are ready to weave, ladder or string. Because of the plating, we don’t recommend getting them wet. With approximately a .2mm hole diameter. We would definitely suggest adapting to any design where a 4mm bead can be used.

Sold on temporary strands of approximately 50 beads.

Each strand measures 8 inches in length.