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2mm Oval Crimps- Bright Brass

5 x 7mm Plated Brass Crimp

Unit: pair
$3.00 USD

$3.55 USD

This little component is just the neatest thing since sliced bread! It hides the functionality of the crimping tube with a sweet, simple oval on both sides. Made in Israel by JBB International of hypoallergenic and lead-free brass, it really works on 2mm round leather cord. It just requires a few basic steps to success: Make sure the leather will fit all the way into the tube. Dab just a drop of Hypo-Tube Cement to the leather end before inserting it again into the tube. Press firmly, gently and consistently with Wire Straighteners up and down the length of the ovals. If you are using Chain Nose Pliers, cover your crimp component with a piece of paper towel or soft fabric, so as you crimp the ovals down, you do not leave heavy plier marks on your metal. It is easy to mar the metal with too much plier pressure (see crimped oval to the left of clasp in Design Idea...too much pressure was applied). Let the glue dry and then test it is secure by pulling on the leather. Unfortunately, these crimp tubes are not reusable, so do your best to get it secure the first time.

Sold by the Pair.