2/0 Matubo- Crystal Bronze Luster

2/0 Matubo- Crystal Bronze Luster

6.1 x 3.9mm Czech Seed Bead IHD:2.1mm
Unit: tube

This is a color ready to add femininity and surprise to any design. With Crystal Bronze Luster, Matubo shows us how much knowledge and skill they have when giving us a transparent golden brown coating over a pink luster glass. We usually think of seed beads as small, like little seeds, but the barrel shape of the Czech seed bead can get really big...even as big as the new 2/0. This amazing “seed bead” doesn’t disappoint! Designed to fit on leather, it’s fun for Tahoe and Storm Series. But use it anywhere you want! Coatings are first rate and Matubo promises no cracking or flaking at the bead holes.

Sold in tube of 10 grams/approximately 43-45 beads.


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