11-Mix29 Deep Sea

11-Mix29 Deep Sea

2 x 2mm Seed Bead 1mm Hole Size
Unit: tube

What a delightful mix of blues in a range of finishes. Since they come already mixed from our supplier, we can’t give you a list of the beads, but needless to say, they are a variety of Miyuki 11/0’s and a great value. This palette of blues would look great loomed or used in one of Emily’s Seed Bead School Projects, like Peyote Stitch or Right Angle Weave...or anytime an 11/0 is in the ingredient list. The 1mm hole size will allow Tuff #1 and Micro C-Lon to pass twice for laddering and accommodates multiple passes for bead weaving with KO thread.

Sold in tube of approximately 10 grams/1100 beads

$3.25 USD

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