11-23020 Sol Gel Light Purple

11-23020 Sol Gel Light Purple

2.1mm Czech Glass Seed Bead with IHD: .6mm
Unit: pkg

Emily’s go-to seed bead for bead crochet, these lovely, lavender beauties differ from our classic Japanese seed beads in that they vary more in size and consistency. Emily likes how they lend a more artisan feel to her beadwork, but it can mean culling through for the “rebel” beads. In a muted opaque orchid, these will pair well with anything from pastels to deep jewel tones. On the larger size for an 11/0, give them a try in peyote and other seed bead stitches as well as bead embroidery. We suggest size 12 beading needles and KO. Made in the Czech Republic.

Sold in hank of six 20” strands, approximately 2,000 beads/18 grams.

Note: Sol Gel is a Preciosa-brand specialized coating that is similar to Duracoat and provides more color permanence to beads. Sol Gel protects the beads from exposure to sunlight, water, cosmetics, body oils, and acids. The colors are fade-resistant and washable in temperatures up to 100 degrees fahrenheit.

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