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English Cuts- Brown-Green Picasso

10 x 9mm Glass Beads, IHD: 1mm

Unit: strand
$4.75 USD

$5.00 USD

How will we ever keep this one in stock? At the core of this bead is beautiful glass in Colorado Topaz and over it is a unique Picasso finish that is blue and grey and’s too hard to describe. It’s just gorgeous!  English Cuts have expansive rough-cut sides and would make a great addition to your bead collection. This would be a fun bead to add to a Float Away Design, don’t you agree? Made in the Czech Republic, bead holes will fit up to 16 Gauge Wire.

Sold by the strand of 15 beads/ 2-3/4 beads per inch.

Note: Coatings will vary in color and consistency by as much as 20% from one shipment to the next. We also do not recommend exposure to fragrance, lotions or excessive moisture.