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Tricks to Leather

This skill builder accompanies our Tricks to Leather Facebook LIVE broadcast on 1/11/17.

Watch the broadcast for a complete discussion of leather sizes and types, beads, closures, knots and glue.

Our leather sizes start at .5mm and go up to 2mm. Noted on each strand are beads from our product line that are appropriate for stringing on the various sizes of leather. When you use a bead that fits on larger diameter leather, remember that it also fits on leather that is thinner. Many of the beads that are used on leather are from our Tribal Collection and as many are handmade, the hole size can vary. Machine made beads have holes that are more consistent.

Crimps can be hard to choose since the fit needs to be fairly exact. In the photo above, note that the same crimp may be used on multiple leather sizes, as long as the crimp is larger, and not smaller, than the diameter of the leather.

Strap Leather is a favorite here at beadshop.com. It is super versatile and works with a variety of designs. We have paired our magnetic clasps and sliders with a variety of strap leather to give you an idea of how the sizes work together.


Our 10mm leather makes quite a statement. For larger and more bold cuffs, our Dotted Line 20 Clasp fits two straps of 10mm leather. A single strand fits perfectly in a 10mm clasp like our Woven.