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April 22 is my mother’s birthday and I always start the day with a smile on my face. Although Lydia passed away twenty five years ago, her influence remains strong in both my personal and professional life. She is the woman who introduced me to art, antiques, theater, beads, and, of all things, great customer service.

My mother felt Customer Service was a high art and you either were doing it right or doing it wrong…no in between. This is a true story: My mother took a handbag back to Lord and Taylor 45 years later and was issued a refund. True!!!

From Lydia I learned the power of “Yes.” She would say, “it’s easier to say yes than to say no.” And she’s still right today. Lydia guides me even as she looks down from Heaven.

So, happy birthday, Mom!
I’m thinking of you and miss you dearly!

xoxo janice



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