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March is a very special month…it is National Craft Month and it seems like it was perfectly timed with the rollout of Alley Mori’s yearlong foray into beading and creativity. In 2018, Alley decided to take our Monthly Mixes and create a unique wrap bracelet for each month. The results are extraordinary.
Alley made a Look Book, which on its own is a work of art. We hope you’ll have time to watch the videos of Alley and Kate from beadshop LIVE, download the Episode Notes, and find inspiration from a very talented designer who truly loves her craft. As Alley writes, “From the very first time I posted a ladder bracelet (on our Facebook group The Bead Table), I was enamored with the creative process and unlimited possibilities for design.”
Thank you so much, Alley. And, as it’s National Craft Month, we hope everyone can make time to visit a craft museum. There are so many! Who knows…maybe the very thing you are creating today will someday be featured in a gallery or museum. It’s altogether possible!

Happy Crafting!




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