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Double Drill- Rhyolite

10 x 20 x 6mm Dyed 2-hole Rectangles IHD: 1mm

Unit: strand
$14.00 USD

$20.00 USD

Reminiscent of a rainforest, Rhyolite is a volcanic igneous rock whose name is taken from the Greek word “rhyas,” meaning “a stream of lava.” Mined in the US and Africa, it also goes by the name Rainforest Jasper. Its unusual patterning of reds, greens, creams, and browns are very distinctive. It would be a shame to cover these unique beads all over with beadweaving like in Carrier Bead Bracelet, but some seed bead embellishment would look fantastic.  Because they are made from natural stones, expect variations in color, shape, and size. Holes are consistent, however due to the large surface area of the stones, there may be variations in hole placement.

Sold by the 8 inch strand approximately 19-20 beads.