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Tresa Heath

Project Info:

Level: Intermediate

Estimated time: Weekend Project

Inspired by Herringbone Wrap by Nicole Anderson

This bracelet was submitted by customer Tresa Heath
Inspired by a gorgeous photo taken while vacationing in Hawaii, Tresa created the beautifully blue Sea and Sky bracelet.

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Tresa Heath

Secret Garden


$3.50 USD

Light Grey- KO Thread

KO Thread

$4.45 USD

Metallic Cement- 1.5mm Indian


$7.25 USD

Celadon- Regular C-Lon

Regular C-Lon

$4.40 USD

Peacock- Regular C-Lon

Regular C-Lon

$4.40 USD

Sky Blue- Regular C-Lon

Regular C-Lon

$4.40 USD

Amazonite- 4mm Rounds


$5.00 USD

3mm- Dual Lustered Blue Green

3mm Czech Glass

$2.50 USD

Little Shadows- Silver Plate

Metal Beads

$19.95 USD

Project Tray Inserts

Design Boards & Storage

$10.25 USD

GS Hypo Cement


$5.35 USD