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Jewel Loom

3" x 12" Plastic Bead Weaving Loom

Unit: each
$13.95 USD

We love the Jewel Loom by Julianna C. Avelar. It is so easy to use, portable and lightweight. Julianna's innovative warping method is a real thread saver and the design assures that your warp is the right tension every time. Made of flexible plastic, the work surface is 2.75” x 10.5” long. And because it's lightweight and compact, you can take it on vacation.

Basic instructions are included with the loom. Please watch Julianna’s how-to video, which demonstrates her warping technique. For more on looming techniques and designs, see Tricks to Looming project.

Note: In Julianna’s video, she uses Wildfire thread as her warp. We have found FirelineKO or Hana Thread work equally well. We also carry the Jewel Loom NeedlesThread and needles are sold separately. Made in China.

Sold Individually.