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Thunderbird- Antique Copper

19.4 x 18.5mm Copper Plated Pewter Charm IHD: 2.1mm

Unit: each
$1.25 USD

$1.55 USD

With a regal wingspan and a look of heavenly power, the Thunderbird has been a traditional Native American symbol of strength, freedom, and power. Found on ancient totems, cave art, and in the beadwork of many Native Americans tribes, this symbol is now found here in this Antique Copper charm. Said to have been inspired by the majestic birds (Golden Eagles, Great Blue Herons, and Pelicans) that flew above the untamed land of the Americas. Made in California by Tierracast of lead-free pewter. Considered hypoallergenic.

Sold individually with a jump ring for easy assembly.