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Heavy French Bullion- Gold

1.3mm Gold-Plated Bullion IHD: 1.1mm

Unit: pkg
$2.75 USD

$3.25 USD

Also known as French Wire, this old-school jewelry finding in gold is designed to protect thread as it loops around the clasp, preventing your thread fiber from rubbing against the metal. Looking like a miniature slinky, there’s a bit of an art to using it...but we’re happy to teach you!
Since bullion is fragile, use sharp cutters to make clean cuts.

If you’re using Griffin Silk Size 8, Heavy Bullion will fit comfortably, Micro C-Lon will fit through doubled. Note: If you are using thread with a flexible eye needle, be sure to collapse the eye of a needle before stringing the needle and thread through the bullion. 

Made in Pakistan, bullion is base metal which is Nickel Free and EU compliant.

Sold in blister pack of approximately 14 inches.