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Clamshell End Tips- Bright Gold

3.0 x 7.6mm Brass Plated Double Clamp w/loop IHD: 0.42” (0.9mm)

Unit: pkg
$3.95 USD

When you want an end tip that will match up with heavy thread, this Bright Gold clamshell is the one! Not only is it strong enough to do the job of securing your knotted thread next to the clasp, the well of the clam is big enough to encase a good size knot. Janice is so particular about her clamshells, she sourced this precise one and then had it plated. Made and plated in America, it is meant to outlast normal wear and tear on a threaded necklace and still keep going. Hole size will fit Griffin #6 and larger, as well as Regular C-Lon  and .4mm Chinese Knotting Cord doubled using a Flexible Eye Needle.

Sold in package of 6 pairs (12 pieces)