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Green Garnet- 8mm Rounds

8mm Green Garnet Round IHD: 0.8mm-1mm

Unit: strand
$30.00 USD

A stone known for boosting confidence, improving fertility and bringing stability, green garnet is one of Janice’s favorites. “I don’t have any statistics to back it up, but whenever I wear my green garnet necklace, I feel more creative and focused.” Grossular Garnet, or Green Garnet, has the chemical properties that give it an amazing variety of green colorations and range from dark olive to light lemon. Try using it your next Laddering Project, like Tricks to Laddering with Tuff Cord #3. Imported by Dakota Stones. Beads are round but appreciate the amazing variations in color and pattern. Size may also vary slightly.

Sold on 8 inch temporary strands of 25 beads.