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Amethyst Faceted Rondelle- 3-4mm

3-4mm Amethyst Micro-Faceted Rondelles

Unit: Strand
$21.00 USD

Considered rare and intended only for royalty in ancient times, amethyst and the color purple has always been held in high affection. With micro-faceted cuts, these little beads reflect light while being intensely color-filled. Made in India. Nature gifts us with diversity. Please expect variations. Our micro-faceted gems have machine drilled holes which are consistent but are still very fine. For gem knotting, we recommend using a Size 12 Needle with Superlon D or KO doubled. For macramé, Micro C-Lon or Tuff #1 will fit most of the stones single with the end of the thread used as a self-needle. 

Sold on 13.5 inch strands. Temporarily strung