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Gray Petite Rice Pearls

3x6mm Irradiated Freshwater Pearls IHD: .5mm

Unit: Strand
$6.00 USD

With charm that seems to come with little things, these small gray-purple freshwater pearls have become a new favorite of Kate’s. Shaped like a teardrop or grain of rice, they are drilled top to bottom. Most beads will fit on 24 gauge craft wire, but you may find a few that need 26 gauge. Holes will fit 2 passes of Micro C-Lon using a Flexible Eye Needle. If you are using Griffin Silk on a card (with a needle), a Size 2 is a good choice. Expect variations in pearl sizes, dimpling, and shading. Even on the same strand, not all pearls are consistent. Originally imported from China, the natural color has been enhanced through irradiation, which is harmless to anyone wearing the pearls.

Sold on 16 inch strand of 76-80 beads.