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Turquoise- #1 Tuff Cord

SIZE 1 (.0108”), 98 YARDS/SPOOL

Unit: Spool
$4.75 USD

This American-made cord seems to have a million uses and it is known for being stronger than nylon or silk. Made of 3 synthetic fibers twisted for strength, it is not going to stretch over time. It also resists fraying and shredding and is a favorite of many designers. It can be used without a needle and you will not have the frustration of the end needing to be cut all the time for threading. If you want to double it, we recommend one of our flexible eye needles.

Size 1 (.0108”) is great for micro-macramé projects using pearls, fine gems, and fine crystals. Try it in a Poetry design!

Sold by the 98-yard spool.