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Popcorn Padres- Nile Green

3-4mm Glass Beads IHD: Approx. 1mm

Unit: strand
$11.75 USD

Wow...do we love this saturated, delicious Nile Green! Handmade in Java, we are thrilled to find a strand of semi-matte green that is just the right color. As it’s getting harder to keep the African Padres in stock, we are transitioning to the Java glass. Use them in 5-7 Wrap Tahoe, Designing A Cuff, or any project where you want saturated color, texture, and tribal style. About the size of a 6/0 seed bead, expect variation in hole and bead size. Most beads will fit through .5mm leather.

Sold by the strand of 44 inches/approximately 350 beads.

Please Note: This is our replacement for African Jade Padres, which are becoming difficult to source.