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Crystal Celestian Blue O Beads

3.8 x 1mm Glass Disc IHD: 1.2mm

Unit: tube
$7.95 USD

Made with love in the Czech Republic, these little O’s in Crystal Celestian Blue are just so heavenly. The beadmakers start with a crystal base glass bead and then place each bead on a tray. Under very high temperatures, they apply the color using vacuum coating which creates a soft, powdery, transparent turquoise coating. They are so perfect for Textured Bead Fringe, or try using them in Peyote stitch. You can also string them on .5mm leather to form a cool rope or add them in lots and lots of beadweaving stitches. The possibilities are endless!

Sold in tube or bag of 8-10 grams/approximately 250-260 beads.