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SB18-MIX-01 Salt and Pepper

1.8mm Glass Cube with 1mm IHD

Unit: tube
$3.50 USD

Ranging from jet black to pure white and every shade in-between, this mix sure has an appropriate name! Mixes are a great way to sample many bead colors at once, and make for easy pebbling in projects. 

We’d love to see these Cubes loomed alongside Tilas, or add them to an Odyssey project. Try pairing with matching 3mm Cube Mix!

Bead holes will fit up to 20G wire, Regular C-Lon doubled, and .5mm Leather.

Because this is a factory-made mix, colors can vary slightly from batch to batch.

Sold in tubes of 8.2-10 grams  (approximately 710-820 beads).