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Little Shadows- Copper Plate

2-2.5mm Copper Plate over Brass Cornerless Hex Bead

Unit: Strand
$19.95 USD

We loved Shadows so much, we fell hard for his little sister. Hopefully, you are going to want to design with this bead as much as we do. It checks off so many things on our wish list, including the fact that it is handmade in India so it has a great, tribal feel. The hole is really generous for such a little bead; 1.0mm leather is suitable and .5 Chinese Knotting Cord or Tuff Cord (up to #6 in size) will work. These look gorgeous when used in our Tricks to Laddering wrap bracelets. Please note that as these beads are handmade they can vary slightly from batch to batch in size, shape, and color!

Sold on 24 inch strands. Approximately 290 beads per strand.