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Dogwood- Aged Ivory Mercury

12 x 16mm Pressed Glass IHD: 1.0mm

Unit: each
$0.65 USD

Glorious! Sunlight is hitting the Dogwoods in just the right angle to send a blast of joy in Ivory with a Mercury Finish. Where do we begin writing the love story we feel for this delicious bead? 

Add them to a Silk Float Away Necklace or wire-wrap individually to create charms for a stunning Timeless Treasures Necklace.

With the hole top-drilled, it just wants to be in the falling position. Hole size will fit Griffin Size 6 and 8 and works really well with 22 and 20 Gauge Wire and headpins.

Picasso coating is very durable but we recommend not exposing beads to moisture and chemicals.

Made in the Czech Republic. 

Sold Individually.