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Aged Rustic Earth- 6/0

4mm Aged Czech Matte Glass IHD: approx. 1mm

Unit: tube
$6.25 USD

Oh my goodness! This mix of beads just has us at “hello!” It’s everything and more we would want from a matte Picasso bead and then it keeps on giving. This is a hearty mix of browns, greens, mustards, and some blues in both stripes and mottled solids. Made in the Czech Republic, special care has been given creating a permanent Picasso finish that has been applied after bead production and then matted. See how you can use these like Janice used similar beads in Taos, a 7-Wrap Tahoe. We also like them with the Aged Wampum. Expect variations in size from 6/0 to almost 8/0. The bead holes also can really vary on these beads from medium to small...many will fit on 1.0mm leather, but some won't...that's just how this bead rolls!

Please note: These beads are made in small batches and therefore can vary. We suggest buying all you need at once for one particular project, as they may be darker, lighter, or have more or less finish on them from batch to batch.

Sold in a bag of approximately 10 grams.